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E1 “Demography I”

Paper Author Title
(E1-1) Kluve ( E1-1) The Effect of Young Adults' Nest-Leaving on Parental Happiness abstract paper
(E1-2) Nazio, MacInnes (E1-2) Work-Life Balance, the Family and Changes in Satisfaction with Leisure Time abstract paper
(E1-3) Apt (E1-3) Health Status and Life Expectancy A cross-country comparison based on the European Community Household Panel abstract paper

E2 “Labour I”

Paper Author Title
(E2-1) Chaupain-Guillot, Guillot, Jankeliowitch-Laval (E2-1) Female Part-Time Work in the European Union abstract paper
(E2-2) Schmitt (E2-2) Gender Specific Effects of Unemployment on Family Formation abstract paper
(E2-3) Tatsiramos (E2-3) Geographic Labour Mobility and Unemployment Insurance in Europe abstract paper

E3 “Inequality”

Paper Author Title
(E3-1) Bossert, D'Ambrosio, Peragine (E3-1) Deprivation and Social Exclusion abstract paper
(E3-2) Juergens (E3-2) Social Security & Social Justice abstract paper
(E3-3) Nicaise, Groenez, Adelman, Roberts, Middleton (E3-3) Gaps, Traps and Springboards in European Minimum Income Systems abstract paper
(E3-4) Nicoletti, Peracchi (E3-4) The Effects of Income Imputation on Micro Analyses abstract paper

E4 “Labour II”

Paper Author Title
(E4-1) Betti, Lemmi, Verma (E4-1) School to Work Transitions in the European Union abstract paper
(E4-2) Deschryvere, Piekkola (E4-2) Retirement Decisions of European Women & Men abstract paper
(E4-3) Fouarge, Uunk (E4-3) Exit from Short Term Unemployment in Europe abstract paper
(E4-4) Golsch (E4-4) Labour Market Insecurity and it's impact on Labour Market Entry abstract paper

E5 “Wages I”

Paper Author Title
(E5-1) Beblo, Beninger, Heinze, Laisney (E5-1) Measuring Selectivity-corrected Gender Wage Gaps in the EU abstract paper
(E5-2) Davia (E5-2) Job Mobility and Wage Mobility at the Beginning of the Working Career abstract paper
(E5-3) Dessy (E5-3) Nominal Wage Flexibility and Institutions: Micro Evidence from the Europanel abstract paper

E6 “Demography II”

Paper Author Title
(E6-1) Aassve, Mazzuco, Mencarini (E6-1) Childbearing and Well-Being abstract paper
(E6-2) Baizan (E6-2) Couples' Careers and Fertility abstract paper
(E6-3) Smith (E6-3) When Did You Last See your Father? European Fathers and the Time They Spend with Their Children abstract paper

E7 “Wages II”

Paper Author Title
(E7-1) Knoppik & Beissinger (E7-1) Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Europe abstract paper
(E7-2) Perez, Sanz (E7-2) Wage Changes Through Job Mobility abstract paper
(E7-3) Cholezas, Tsakloglou (E7-3) Earnings Inequality in Europe: Evidence from the ECHP abstract presentation
(E7-4) Hildebrand, VanKerm (E7-4)

Income Inequality and Self Rated Health Status in Europe abstract paper


E8 “Methods”

Paper Author Title
(E8-1) Basic, Rendtel (E8-1) Latent Markov Chain Analysis of Income States abstract paper
(E8-2) Behr (E8-2) Comparing Estimation Strategies in the Presence of Panel Attrition abstract paper
(E8-3) Gallo, Mastrovita, Sicilani (E8-3) The Nature of Sample Attrition in the ECHP abstract paper
(E8-4) Debels, Vandecasteele (E8-4) Modelling Attrition in the European Community Household Panel abstract paper