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In this section you will find:

Introduction to Database of Research and Publications
To facilitate dissemination of results from the ECHP, and collaboration among researchers, we have developed a database of research projects and outputs based on this data source. This will be of interest to both researchers and policy-makers.

The database can be searched by author, title, keywords, wave of ECHP data used, countries included and the title and text of the abstract.

Alternatively, you can download a complete listing of references to projects and publications to view later. In many cases, a more complete project description or the full paper can also be downloaded.

The Bibliographic Database
You can view the entire online database and also in PDF format, to enable you to save it. Below you can register your project or publication to be considered for inclusion in the database.

View the entire database of bibliographic references        


Search the Bibliographic Database
To search the database, click the search button below. It is also possible to view detailed descriptions of the keywords used within the database.

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Register your own Project or Publication
Click on the button below to submit your project or publication for possible inclusion in the database.

Please use this form for adding details of your own ECHP based project or publication.

Please send an electronic copy, if possible. Alternatively, if an on-line copy is available elsewhere, please give full electronic address where copy may be viewed - please use the 'Other Details' field for thid.

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