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An Introduction to Research Training and Research Visit Opportunities
The ECHP data contain three layers of complexity, which may be unfamiliar to analysts used to analysing simple surveys:

  • The combination of data across individuals within households
  • The combination of data across countries
  • The combination of data about the same individuals and households, from year to year.

Research Training Sessions
EPUNet offers Research Training Sessions to enable new users to get to grips with the data, and to form analytical hypotheses, and for more inexperienced researchers in more complex analytical techniques for longitudinal analysis.

In addition, EPUNet offers the opportunity for Short Research Visits to those who are considering using the ECHP for research analysis, to investigate the suitability of the dataset for their research hypotheses, to spend short periods working with the data to initiate their research projects and familiarise themselves with the data before undertaking an expensive purchase.

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