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An Introduction to Transcription Routines
Eurostat disseminates the ECHP data in a comma-separated variable (CSV) file, with the variable labels at the top. The data have to be transcribed into SPSS, Stata, SAS or some other analytical format before it can be used.

Transcription routines in SPSS and SAS are available for download here. Variable names and labels are in English. The routines have been developed for the full User Database version of December 2002. If you are using a subset of these data (e.g. one wave only) you will need to edit out the variable labelling and formatting commands that do not apply to your dataset.

Please select the transcription routine you require below.

  • For ECHP Version December 2003 by Rudy Marynissen Small revision to labels Jan 2005 (SAS)
  • For ECHP version December 2003 - STATA routine Author: Philippe Van Kerm (STATA)
  • For ECHP version December 2003 SPSS routines (SPSS)

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