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EPUNet is now finished.

This site is left active for historical reasons only.

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In this Section you will find:

Introduction to EPUNet Data Services
EPUNet aims to develop and maintain links between researchers analysing the ECHP, by providing technical assistance, to both new and existing users. The services provided are:

A Data Transcription Service
The data currently arrives on a CD in ASCII format, with data labels filed separately. It has to be transcribed into SPSS, Stata or some other analytical format before it can be used. The process is the same for all users, and can be undertaken by a single agency on behalf of newcomers (once they have obtained a license and the raw data from EuroStat). These transcription files are available for download here.

A Register of Data Queries and Solutions
All surveys generate detailed queries about apparent inconsistencies. This register of queries will enable you to check in advance whether there is any difficulty with the questions you are planning to address, or to find the solution to problems that you come across. There is also an opportunity for you to add queries yourself.

A File of Derived Variables
Most analysts derive new variables from the original data. These variables are made available here so that other analysts can easily make use of them. There is also a facility for you to add variables yourself.

An E-mail Hotline
If you come across a potential problem, you can e-mail the EPUNet analysis centre; EPUnet staff will provide advice.

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